Dear Fear 

I’m sorry your five star treatment in my mind is coming to an abrupt end.

I used to be your dutiful host, as a doting mother to a child.
I used to give heed to your counsel
I used to stop dead in my tracks to appease your continuous chatter.

No more of that.

Even when my heart pounds in my ears
Even when I am fighting off shortness of breath
Even when I hear you shout out at me,
My shortcomings, my previous failures, my weight, my race, my gender,
Even when you call me out on my inadequacy for the task at hand,
No matter what-

I will run through you.

I have a fire coursing through my veins,
and this time, I am ready.
To run through the walls you put up in my mind and blaze a trail.
To dream.
To let my mind go wild with exploration of possibilities.
To acknowledge my potential and pursue it.
To identify my passion and pour myself into it.
To recognise all my areas of influence and be a champion for transformation in them.
To work smart, to pursue excellence always.
To be kind, to extend a hand.

To spread love through all my actions.

I am filled with a greatness even you can’t fathom.
I will not wait in the side lines for life to pass me by.
I will be counted as part of the solution
I will serve in my generation.
I will serve my generation.
I will set a path for others that have been keeping your company
I will help others shake themselves free of you.
I will do more. I will be more.
I will be extraordinary.

Farewell my long time friend.
Not to sound rude, but, I will not miss you.

Yours truly,

I was inspired to write this letter by a dear friend, Eva Fernandes. She was inspired by Liz Gilbert.

As we turn a new chapter, I challenge you to speak to your fear. Write it down, share with others, inspire someone else to work through their fear and excel in spite of it. 

Faith over Fear. 

Julianna is a Child of God, wife, entrepreneur, panel moderator, motivational speaker and ICF Transformation Coach. 

Follow her via @iamjuliannakayaga on instagram, Julianna Kayaga on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

*The pictures herein are not my own*


20 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Always good to concur fear. Go on girl

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  2. Rowena says:

    Thank you Mrs James, it’s very true we need to overcome this perception of danger/threat aka fear that lives in our minds. Unless of course it’s legitimate where we need to take flight for survival 🏃.
    But even then, I’ll fear not.
    Isaiah 43: 1-3.

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  3. Her Majesty,

    There is no doubt you have perfected the writing art. Keep writing. In future you will need to consider writing a book.

    Have a blessed, progressive and highly favoured year ahead.

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    1. MrsJames says:

      I am actually working on a book. It should come out early this year:)


  4. Trevor Tomusange says:

    Very well written Mrs. James.

    Didn’t know you’re also a good poet. Keep up with with blogs, they’ll actually take you places.


    Trevor. T.

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  5. Maria Nabanks says:

    This writing is perfection. You have driven the point home.

    I always live with Robert Kiyoaskis’ words, “Never let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning”

    Great piece 👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MrsJames says:

      I love that. Let me tweet that today.


  6. A.W Nyanzi says:

    To conquer fear one needs to understand how God works. He has everything worked out for us. Everything happens for a reason and in its right time. Nothing is late. So accepting that the Almighty is in charge of all in totality is the first step in conquering fear. The other is the complete belief that there is life after death. This I use so often because if I ain’t afraid of death, then what is the worst I should be afraid of?

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    1. MrsJames says:

      So deep. So true. Thanks for sharing


  7. Gladys says:

    Thank you Mrs James
    This is now the bitter truth. Fighting and sending away fear is not automatic.
    You real tremble by thinking about quitting, starting afresh, taking another step, etc. Fear makes one think that life out there is impossible.
    You find yourself justifying with assumingly genuine reasons’!!. Slowly by slowly great ideas, skills, talents, etc die out n get buried by this fear.
    It’s actually terrifyingly bad than one would imagine.

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    1. MrsJames says:

      Sooooo true!!! Fear is a thief of dreams of you don’t stand up to it!


  8. nayahb says:

    The break up song goes well with this piece. Yes to finding my passion/ purpose and relentlessly pursuing it.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    No more fear ,no matter what

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  10. Dolphin Daina says:

    Fear has robbed most of us , the endless possibilities that would come if only we let go of it…
    Nice piece

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  11. Viv says:

    Woah… I have been blessed by this article.
    So fear, I am sending you out of my everything. It might not take just a day but trust me, I am watching u and I promise to kick u out the minute I sniff u.
    Thx Jules…

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  12. Rebecca Nanziri says:

    Jules you have me on this one. I have fear you can never imagine. When am trying to do something, I always think they won’t like it so I end up giving up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MrsJames says:

      Not anymore! Speak to your fear and break the hold!


  13. Great motivation for the new year 😊 Thank you.

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